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bodega amposta

This gastronomic project is built around one of the most emblematic venues of our district (Font de la Guatlla)

This project born from the experience and enthusiasm of 4 partners with vast experience in the world of gastronomy, with the goal of modernizing this charming traditional tavern. Of course, the renovation has preserved the identity of such a fantastic venue, maintaining the indispensable wooden fridge, the iconic bar counter and the wine barrels, as well as restoring the most damaged and forgotten parts of the building.

The secret? Get to know our product well: seasonal, always fresh and market products.

Chema Martínez

Chema Marínez studied in the Escola d’Hosteleria de Girona and as an intern in several restaurants, until he arrived at El Bulli at the age of 22. There, he met Albert Adrià, who offered him a position as head chef at Inopia, the chef’s first and hugely successful gastronomic project in Barcelona. It is then that he met Jordi and Josep Barragán, the restaurant’s providers.

At only 27, he started collaborating with Carles Tejedor in various projects in China and the opening of By13. Afterwards, he was involved with projects such as El Nacional and Lomo Alto.

And was also a lecturer at the CETT Catering School.

At the age of 35, he created his own project, the Bodega Amposta, together with brothers Jordi and Josep Barragán and Julio Fernández.

We are Bodega Amposta

We are proud to have a great team with many people, but at the core of the new Bodega Amposta are: Chema Martínez, Jordi Barragán, Josep Barragán y Julio Fernández.

Brothers Jordi y Josep Barragan, have been tied to the district since their childhood. Their involvement in the catering business began with the store opened by their parents in 1980, Charcutería Barragán Moltó. They would later establish Vidania Gastronomía, devoted to the production, distribution and retail of kitchenware and gastronomic products to the hospitality industry. It is then that they met Chema Martínez, forming a friendship that would last until the creation of this common project.

Julio Fernández is the owner and director of Restaurante Casa Julio, serving homemade and traditional cuisine in the district since 1989. He met Jordi and Josep there when he was 20, and they have maintained their friendship to create this project together.